March 1

Charlie Sheen's "Winning"

Day 3 - March 1 - Charlie Sheen's
Months earlier...

$1.2 Million per episode

of Two and a Half Men making Sheen the highest paid actor on TV

via HuffPost Entertainment


Approximately 18,600 retweets of first sign of "winning"

via Twitter

Hours later...

Sheen sets the "Fastest Time to Reach 1 Million Followers" Guinness

World Record

via Guinness World Records

Hours later...

1.9 million views

of Sheen’s first twitpic

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Days later...


people applied to be Sheen's intern


Days later...

5 actors are named whose lows Charlie could study and learn from

via Moviefone

Days later...

Local restaurant introduces

the "Charlie Dog with Tiger Blood"

via Patch

Weeks later...

18 Minutes

The time it took Sheen's tour to completely sell out

via The Hollywood Reporter

Weeks later...

$1 from every ticket will go to the Red Cross

via TMZ

Months later...


views to Patch editor's Twitpic of Sheen

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Months later...

6.4 million

people watched Comedy Central Roast of Sheen

via HuffPost Entertainment

Months later...

28.74 million

viewers watch the first Two and a Half Men premiere without Sheen

via AOL TV